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Get to Know Us

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Writer / Designer

Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, Stephanie Schulz is an accomplished writer, who is passionate about finding and revealing the soul of people and places.


She acquired her experience in sociocultural diversity through living in places like Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, travelling around the globe until finally falling in love with Mallorca.
Her studies of tourism led to her holding senior positions within the travel industry in different countries around the world. Steffi has been the editor in chief of the ConsciousNet Lifestyle and Health Magazine. She interviews interesting personalities around the world. 



Photographer / Writer

Mark Julian Edwards is a British photographer, writer and presenter who specialises in capturing people's stories across the world – with a dash of humour and plenty of humanity.

He holds a Master of Arts in Intercultural Communications and has lived and worked in Israel, South Africa, Brazil and Mallorca.  Mark also works as a travel presenter Mark for the 'Jet Set' – a US Syndicated travel show with a weekly audience of 1.2M people.  Outside of his media projects, he works with global organisations, bringing their visions to life through their people.

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