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If you are a hotelier, real estate company or a brand that wants to get their name powerfully associated with Mallorca, then we have some fantastic opportunities for you to get your brand in front of your target audience - the millions of people that

holiday in Mallorca or move to the island to make it their home.

We would love you to become part of this amazing project, we would love for you to become another face of Mallorca!


If you become a sponsor, you will be closely associated with our brand "Faces of Mallorca". There are many options of a collaboration. We have listed a few of the different items you can choose from below. However, we do have many more, very interesting ideas. Please contact us to discuss your individual sponsorship package: 

At the launch event you will be recognised:

  • On our photo call background 

  • Prominently on-screen at the beginning and at the end of the event

  • In the leaflet handed out during the event 

  • If it works in the context, you might have the possibility of offering your products during the event

You can be featured:

  • On Social Media 

  • In press releases and articles

  • In a pop-up on our website

  • In our newsletter

We will promote your brand at all following events (talks are currently scheduled at major companies in Mallorca and Barcelona, the home of our publisher, as well as in Germany and the UK.)

Sponsorship & Bulk Purchases: Press
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